Brands History

The Concept

Stefano Mortari's woman is elegant and sophisticated, the aesthetic is expressed through the details of the garment she wears.
His taste expresses apparent simplicity, guarding and revealing at the same time - for who has the ability to see - the women's extremely intimate refinement.
In the world of his maison there is no space for exaggerations, artifacts, or fashion as exhibitionism. The study of lines and cuts is rigorous, a methodical and refined play with subtraction, that allows him to reach the essence of shapes. The result are garments with extremely pure shapes and proportions, simple and unique, always easy to wear. A complete wardrobe, with blouses, pulls, skirts and dresses, without unnecessary decorations.
The garments move on and with the body, not constraining, they match to it, gifting a new contemporary elegance and freedom to who wears them. His Fashion has the ability to give to the most audacious shapes a new unexpected lightness.
A minimalist and refined aesthetic that has always lived with the history of the collections and his creator. The several collaborations the designer had are a proof: Yohji Yamamoto, Azzedine Alaïa, Hermès, Marni, Calvin Klein, Ballantyne, Moncler.
These encounters are embedded in his identity: «from Yamamoto I learned the simplicity and the strictness of the design, from Alaia the certainty that a sartorial dress can be sexy without
being vulgar, from Hermes the attention to the quality of the detail».  

Fradi is a dynamic brand, and it means charm, seduction and attraction; that's what we want it to convey: a merging of style and innovation. The story of the brand begins in Martina Franca, Apulia, a land with a millennial history, a land with unique landscapes, nature and environment; Fradi is an idea of two brothers, Domenico and Francesco Dimarco, both with a common passion, and engaged in doing business in a land answering the call of clothing production, with the will to emerge, typical of entrepreneurs used to exciting challenges.
Our goal is to make Fradi a brand known for skillful working, a return of Italian productions, appreciation for specialized working, a unique manufacturing heritage that must be preserved.
A network where each enterprise is specialized in a specific production area, and is chosen in every single region of the Country. An outsourcing strategy for Italian craftsmanship, to offer our customers all Italian excellence.
Our ambition is to grow the best Italian manufacturing tradition, getting better and better with every collection, in order to fulfill the most demanding needs, but, above all, in order to make more and more people chose our elegance in their daily life.
Sophisticated fabrics for a new wardrobe.
Creating a wardrobe which is various, multipurpose and functional, perfect for all occasions, a guide in style, with sophisticated fabrics and artisanal quality.
A research of sustainable, ethical products, made with the highest respect for the body and the environment.
A different look at fashion: design is made to transcend seasons. Clean, sharp, clear lines, that stay as simple as they can possibly be, and "simplicity" means "class".
Beauty and quality of clothing go hand in hand with functionality, serving our needs; clothes are made to make us feel at ease and face every occasion with elegance and comfort.
"Fashion nowadays needs style and ethical fabrics in order to be trendy and satisfy a physical need: well-being."
From fabrics to the best design, clothes are made through controlled processes, aimed at getting a higher quality result, with the lowest impact on the environment; our clothes are shaped by our ability of making appealing and unique clothes.

The soul of Noova lies in an intrinsic characteristic of the product, as much as simple as it is recognizable: The shoe is made entirely of reflective material. 

Discreet but with a strong impact:
the shoe lights up only when it is hit by light, in fact the glass micro spheres of which the upper is composed can reflect it.

Light is the dominant element in Noova. The result is a sneaker with clean lines but with a strong identity combined with an entirely Italian manufacture.